Help! Stuck on Centering

Please help! Since yesterday my Glowforge has been stuck on centering. I have tried everything that’s listed online: cleaning all parts, restarting, checking the internet connection and nothing seems to work. Occasionally, I can get it to run one print, but once I open the lid and close it again, it gets stuck on centering.

I have so many orders to fill I’m starting to have a slight panic attack!

Any suggestions would be super helpful!

Checking the internet connection can be interesting as computers don’t much care about dropped packets of information and they are looking for speed. The GF doesn’t really care about speed but is really sensitive to missing packets of information.

They have very sensitive WiFi chips that can be particular about the radio signals in the air. Something you’ve changed or even neighbors if they’re close enough, can present issues. There’s also a chance of the black cable that goes between the lid connections and the board developing issues but only support staff can help with that.


I’m having the same issue. First it was stuck on homing. Now it’s centering. I have check my internet connection and even reset my router.

Have you emailed support?

If not, you can e-mail or start your own thread. Both methods open a support ticket that they will get to when it’s turn comes up.

Posting a new thread here in #problems-and-support just says, “hey community, I’ll probably need supports help but until they can respond, do you have any ideas?”

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Yes, I got in touch with support and they emailed me back last night. Going through the process to check the black cable. Thanks for your suggestion about the wifi!

I am having the same issue and so are quite a few Glowforge friends. I have emailed and not had any response yet.

Hello @lisenatore2 - I’m glad to hear you’ve been able to get in touch with us and are on the path towards a fix. I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.

@andrasheridan and @cosmocg5 I’ve double checked to make sure both of your tickets have been picked up and that appears to be the case, thanks for creating your own topics so we could find you!