Help! Stuck on focus / glowforge doesn't make a sound when turned on

We did a deep clean on our Glowforge Pro. Ever since, the machine stopped working.
It turns on, does not make the clicking sound and does not move. There is power to the carriage head as the air assist fan turns on. All cables are connected.
The app says “focusing” and does not move from that.
Again, there is no clicking sound when turned on.
Any help is appreciated, as this is very frustrating and still have not heard back from support.

Glowforge does not provide any instructions for a “deep clean”, so what precisely did you do?

There have been a lot of people who have said they cleaned their machines really well and then suddenly they had a problem with it immediately after that, so hearing exactly what you cleaned and how, and with what supplies/methods you did it will be helpful.


We took the carriage plate off (which they do provide instructions on how to do) and thoroughly cleaned the air assist fan. We then cleaned the exhaust fan area as well as the lenses, etc. and then re-assembled. Materials used were lens wipes, compressed air, brushes, and novec cleaner.

OK, so that’s just a standard cleaning, not a “deep clean”.

Re-check all the connectors, carefully. Especially where the white ribbon cable plugs into the head assembly - check that part for bent pins.

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Did that, thx.

You almost certainly have a problem with the connection to the head. The machine will make that “ticking sound” when first powered on even if there are other problems.

The other end of that white cable goes into the board on the left side of the machine. Check that connector as well.

If it isn’t even getting to the focus clicks, you may have a wifi issue. Try setting up with a phone hot spot and see if you get the same non response.

True, but awfully coincidental if all they did was clean it.

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Both the air assist fan and the printer head fans are running, so it is getting power, just not ticking.
We tried checking the other end of the white cable, but it’s difficult to get to (this is the pro model). Appreciate your help.

The dreaded lead in to a faulty machine story. This statement has appeared here more than you can imagine.


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