Help! Too many steps to upload

Very new to Glowforge and Inkscape! I have an image with a lot of circles and identical copies of images. There is so many steps I am having trouble uploading and assigning the steps. Is there a way in inkscape to combine many things into 1 step?

Yes. Path/Combine (CTRL/ -K)

Unfortunately that method of combining paths is destructive. Meaning that it will combine your paths into a single path object and you won’t be able to separate them again easily. A better answer would be to select all the parts if you want to be a particular step and make them the same color.


At least if the file is from Illustrator, the overlapping sections will fail to engrave anything. It’s the reason that I use combine (unite/union in illustrator.)

Op mentioned inkscape.

Not sure if this will help in your situation. I believe you can use colors in your SVG file to control the order and grouping of steps in Glowforge app.

For example if you make a number of different objects/path all the same shade of red, then the glowforge app will group them together in a step. Make other objects/path blue, they become a step, and so on.

I’m sure I’ve seen a number of post in the forums about this. Here is one I found: Custom Inkscape, Illustrator, CorelDraw and Affinity Designer Color Palettes for ordering operations in GFUI


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