Help w/ InkScape

I am trying to draw the circles (white line/white center) as shown in the Glowforge tutorial but it is NOT working for me. All I get is a solid circle with no outline. I have seriously changed every setting trying to get it to work but this is all I get. What am I doing wrong???
Also, is there some way to reset Inkscape to the original settings when it was installed? I have changed everything trying to get it to work.

I don’t use Inkscape so I am of no help.

Please understand that sometimes it is hard to express things, especially when tone is hard to express in forums. But it seems you might be better helped one on one or maybe videos? Do you have anyone locally that can help you? You seem to be struggling a good bit with some of the basic concepts even though you are obviously trying. If you don’t, maybe if you post the area you are from another user might be local? I know we are in a pandemic but if I was local to you I would be more than willing to give you some hands on lessons.

Here is a link to a series of tutorials on YouTube, couple that with the book in the help menu in Inkscape and it should help with most any problems you run into. This is how I have learned it and I hadn’t even heard of Inkscape until a couple of months ago.


Shift click the color you want the outline and it will add it. You can see that it did it because it will be the bottom rectangle color in the bottom left corner. The top rectangle is the fill color, just click the no color block and it will get rid of the fill.


And don’t feel bad, Inkscape isn’t the easiest thing to learn on your own. But you have gotten some good advice, especially the tutorial videos on YouTube. When I am try to figure something out I google it and usually find a tutorial that helps me. Don’t give up, you’ll get there.


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