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The company that supplies the Proofgrade materials needs a packing engineer.
I reorder the 20" X 48" sheets, that I had received damaged last week, in smaller quantities so that the boxes would not get broken in handling.
Well at least they were not damaged as the previous shipment, but they were still shipped in Uline S18318 box which is 48" X 36". Twice the required size. No attempt to fold or cut the box, or to secure the material in the box.


The company needs this input to even be aware of the issue. :+1: Not the impression they want to leave their customers with.
You leave happy customers in your dust, you don’t need business cards. I speak from experience.


2nded for improving materials packaging!

I used my Inventables credit and Glowforge materials credit up at the same time, so received both packages at roughly the same time (last year). I remember being unimpressed with Glowforge’s material packaging, but super impressed with Inventables material packaging. I’ve also placed a large order with The Wood Gallery, and their packaging was by far the best, with each wood sheet in its own high-quality bag, then plastic wrapped all together so there was no movement.

At least the Glowforge laser packaging improved significantly! :joy:

sadly this has been a consistent request since day one. the only improvement i’ve seen/heard about is they finally went to boxes with two overlapping flaps at the end instead of two that abut, so the boxes have more stability and are less likely to break open. but beyond that, the packaging is haphazard, at best.

Can you provide the site address for which “The Wood Gallery” you used?
I just googled it and got at least two–a .com, a .biz, and with or with the “the”…

Thank you for letting us know about this.

I’m glad to hear your Proofgrade arrived safely, but apologize for the poor packaging. I’ve passed your feedback along to the right team so they’ll help inform our processes moving forward.

I’ve moved this thread to the Everything Else so the discussion can continue there.


The Wood Gallery .com ;p They are located in Tennessee:

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Thank you!!

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