HELP! We need your opinion!

We’ve created a survey so that we can better get to know you, our customer, and what’s most important to you. We’d be terribly grateful if you could take this survey so we can take your skills and needs into account as we plan our development work in the future.

Thank you so very much!


Now I can haz cookie?

Hope I helped :slight_smile:


So close to being the first reply…

Looking forward to the Glowforge.


Done! Thanks for taking the time to get our input to improve our experience!

Before my following comment, understand that I am in 100% on Glowforge train to the end, I’m just not a Kool-Aid guy.

However, maybe it’s me being the “glass half empty” guy, but I find it somewhat unsettling to complete a survey that essentially asks me how badly I really want the all those Glowforge features I paid for and was told I would receive. OK, aside from cloud server horsepower timing considerations. I would have thought a survey at this point would have been more about the direction the Glowforge product might move after v1.0 is on the street, not about the features in v1.0. Maybe I’m just missing something here.


Nice set of questions on that survey. Thanks.

What do you find unsettling about them asking which features buyers are most excited about?

Off the top of my head, that information might be used for marketing purposes, focusing the catalogue, prioritizing things in the software. The survey in general is very focused on where and how we will use our glowforges, so asking which features we will likely use seems a natural extension, in my mind.

Are you concerned that it means they’ll nix low scoring features?


Kinda ya. . .

I’m concerned that if there is a feature that actually turned out to be a bit harder to implement than it seemed when it was still on the whiteboard and a lot less people seemed to be excited about it in the survey as opposed to, say, cutting something they drew with a pen on a piece of cardboard. . . Ya, then it could be rationalized that it is less important to get that capability right.

Being a CNC router and 3D filament printer guy, I’m totally indifferent to a dumbed down interface and if that’s what it takes to provide access to previously inaccessible portion of the space, no problem, but not the dumbing down of capabilities.

That’s what I read from surveys that ask about the level of excitement about various deliverables. I don’t see marketing, I see mechanics.

But again, I’m know as a “glass half empty” guy.

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I figure the glass is just twice as large as it needs to be :slight_smile:


We will be shipping some units sooner than others, and not every feature of the software will be released at the time the first units roll out. For that reason, you’re quite right, one of the purposes is so that we know which features to work on first.


Thanks for the comment Dan. I feel somewhat vindicated for being a glass half empty guy among a sea of glass half full members. :smirk:


Not sure what units you will ship first but as I ordered early on the first day and hope to be one of those early shipments I strongly urge you to look at my answers and include everything I said was most important. :slight_smile:


I really hope the questions about frequency and time of use are not targeted at infrastructure sizing and that the backend is implemented with proper autoscaling services.

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What else would they be for?

No worries there.


Planning staffing.


Pretty much what I expected.

Time of use question goes hand in hand with preferred method of support question. If a bunch of people are going to want full live video chat for support, and they are spread across all time zones… there needs to be 24/7 manning of 5+ people in those first few months when the Glowforge is shipping out.

But if all of us are lazy/anti-social/slow-poke, and we elect to contact primarily through email, forums, and social media… Status quo is pretty much going to cover things.


I’m hoping that the “work on first” above means that you are not trying to figure out which features to drop. I wouldn’t really mind if some of the more tricky-to-program features got delayed a bit, but I’m expecting that all major features that have been promised thus far will be implemented at some point down the road, but, more importantly, that all hardware features that have been promised will be implemented at release and that they will be well engineered and fabricated.

On edit: looks like you pretty much addressed my hopes in another reply. For the most part I’d be happy for quite a while if I could just easily export a DXF and cut out the part from flat wood, Delrin, or acrylic sheets.

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I insist they release it with all the awesome still though. Because there are just so many things I want to try. I can’t wait. Some days I feel like a child not wanting to leave incase the good part happens but really having to use the bathroom.


Personally, I’d let everyone else wait for their JPG, PNG, TIF, SVG, AI, PDF direct to GF, to get DXF direct to GF right out of the box! :smiling_imp:

Yes, we are ALL basically selfish and don’t care much about the other GF crowdfunders when asked what features WE find most important. :blush: