Help! What is the best way to do a test engrave

I bought a chopping board to engrave, but I have no idea how to do a test on it without ruining it for the final engrave. I don’t really want to go and buy another. It’s hevea wood (rubberwood I think)

I’ve searched the forums, but nothing useful is coming up. Not sure what to search under.

Also the design is all text, what are the best type of fonts to use and is it better to have a lighter engrave?


Hello! Instead of using the term chopping board, try using ‘cutting board’. There are many, many posts under those search words. Finding one specific to the kind of wood you are using might be more difficult, but there is a lot of basic information. Best of luck and I look forward to seeing your beautiful finished product.


Thanks will try that. Yes didn’t find any posts on the wood.

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According to it’s in a range with walnut or poplar - so look on the community for posts about engraving those :slight_smile:

If you have a range you want to try, start with the lightest one (lower power/higher speed) since you can always make it darker, but not so much lighter

Also keep in mind engravings will lighten up after you clean them, and with a cutting board you’re going to definitely want to scrub that out


I’d do exactly what @deirdrebeth said. Start with walnut settings and I would cut the power back by maybe 25% or more. Do your engraving and don’t touch the wood! Have a look at it and see if you want to go deeper. Then run it again and adjust your settings accordingly. Just remember, you can always do more so it’s best to start off conservative. As long as you don’t move the file or the wood the alignment will be perfect, even if it looks off on your screen.

As far as text, the font doesn’t matter if you’re engraving so it’s whatever looks best to you. You just need to convert the text to an object in your design program first.


Glad you included that tidbit…a MOST important part of the equation that could easily be overlooked or forgotten.


Thanks this is how it came out. Giving to my brother as a housewarming present.


Looks like it came out perfect!


Yep! Looks fantastic! :grinning:



Hi Rachel, how are you? Could you share your settings with me please? I have exactly the same kind of wood and don’t want to get it wrong =)

Did you masked your board?

Thank you so much it looks class!

Hi Karla;

It looks like Rachel hasn’t been here for a while - but luckily the instructions she followed are up-thread:


Thank you so much Deirdre s2

Speed 1000
Precision Power 100
340 lines per inch
1 pass

Just tried and worked =)


That looks sharp!

Very nice engaging . :blush: