Help with a catalog design

I printed this design on the material recommended. When I went to put it together as per instructions, it didn’t fit together. The pieces were so tight the little connectors broke all three times I tried. What do I do now? DO I contact the designer or ??? I Love the ornament but it won’t go together. I don’t know how to post a picture here.

There is a link on every catalog design page to report issues.


Or even the name of the design so we can look it up and try to help?


There is no link on this design

Christmas Tree Ornament Happy New Year


This one?

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The shop lists 1/4" material, but the photo looks likes 1/8" material to me?

Did you use the Medium or Thick proofgrade?


I used Maple Plywood Proofgrade 1/4’

The “assembled size” even lists it as 0.125" thick. That is 1/8", not 1/4" material. This listing is wrong.

If I were you, I would contact support and let them know they have the listing wrong and request they replace the proofgrade material lost due to their mistake.


Ok I will, but help me understand… if it is the wrong material why would it still not go together. Wouldnt it be worse with 1/8"

I assume the issue is the material is too thick.

The design looks like it is for thinner material. 1/8" should be half the thickness of the 1/4" material.


OK. I don’t see a category for catalog design issues. SOrry to be so needy I am 1 week new. 8-). I have cut tons of stuff no issues until today.
Thank you for your help Bill

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I submitted a request as you suggested. Thanks

This will hopefully get it fixed and get Glowforge to reimburse you the material.

I measured the notch’s in GFUI, and they look about 0.11", which would mean this design likely only works with light Proofgrade.

If you really wanted to try it with 1/4" you could scale the whole design up, such that the slots are the right width, but I think you’d have to scale it up to nearly 10" across =P

If you’ve got some 1/8" material around, you could scale it up to: 4.921"
and that might make it fit.

Best thing would be to get GF to fix everything up before you try again :wink: but if you really want to make that ornament :wink: we could help you do it.

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Thanks for the help. As for scaling it. Not my strength. I am hoping glowforge takes my request seriously. There are three or four of those types of designs. So not sure if they all are the same.
I will post here when they come back with a solution.
Thanks a million. I can try it with light material, but I have tried three times to cut this. Maybe wasted enough material. :sunglasses:

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