Help with a file. Original changes when imported into Glowforge

I’ve made these same keychains in the past but for some reason, my GF changes the file when I upload.

The top is the file, the bottom is what it looks like once I import it for printing.

I’ve separated the layers to show the 3 different cuts that need to be made. As you can see when comparing to the GF, the shapes of the black cutout changes. The counters in the text shift.

I’ve created new files, tried separating the 3 layers in different files, but it keeps shifting the inner cutouts. I’m at a lost.

I’m using Adobe Illustrator. I’ve never had this problem in the past.


That’s really weird. Where did the file come from? Did you design it from the start, or did you get t somewhere and then modify it?


it’s odd that it’s just shifting the Juli, not the rest of that innermost layer.

if you’re willing to upload the AI file, i can try it from my end and see what happens.

how are you getting the artwork from AI to the GFUI? exporting to SVG? PDF? Copy/paste?


@evansd2 @shop

I’ve built the illustrator file from scratch. I typically export to SVG, then upload. I’ve tried copy/paste as well but get the same results.

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i’ve never seen that happen before. just for testing purposes, have you tried a PDF as well?


I had a lot of problems with circles when i made the circles polylines in my svg. i normally draw in dxf or dwg but convert them to svg so it looks familiar to me.



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