Help with a file that won't print error

Hello, I have purchased a file and the file won’t print. When I click to print it tries to start and the stops suddenly and states “print stopped, unable to complete the print.” I have unplugged and restarted the machine and made sure my browser and computer were restarted as well and nothing seems to work. I have contacted the person I obtained the file from and they state I need to contact glowforge. I figured I would try here first to see if someone could point me in a direction I have not taken already. And yes my machine has been working completely fine until this.

Your machine is still working fine, but the interface has a problem with this file. See if the file seller will permit you to share the file with a Glowforge user that may be able to help fix the file. You don’t have the right to share the file here in the forum. You can, however, share a screenshot of what the file looks like on the interface which might provide a clue about the probllem.

You can also try opening the file in another format if you received multiple file types from the seller. For example, if you are having trouble with the svg version you might try the pdf version.


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