Help with a vector please


I keep trying to trace this particular PNG and it keeps becoming a double line. So when the forge tries to cut to, to cuts it basically twice. The double line is super slight, pretty much near invisble, you really have to zoom in sometimes.

Anyone have better luck tracing this guy?


go in an delete the nodes of one copy of the line.

next time.


awesome thanks!


using the “edit paths by node” tool?


SVG file for you.


In AI, I use the Direct Selection tool, click one one node of the path I didn’t want (the outer one) and then hit delete twice. If you forget to check the “Ignore white” box in the advanced settings, you would want to delete the white areas as well, or you would have four cut operations (outer white shape, outside of the black shape, inside of the black shape, and inner white).

If you are using Inkscape, you can probably just use… I don’t know inkscape.

-edit- Edit Paths by Node Tool sounds right.


Here’s another, very similar, but the top left thing is flat, and the inside corners are sharper. This one is very similar to @zfam’s.


much appriciated @zfam i may use it. but im also trying to learn inkscape, so i can fish on my own too :slight_smile: i may have another 20 something of this over time, and you guys arent my minions.

Sorry if that sounded I do appriciate


giphy-downsized-large (2)


just tried the "edit node and just kept hitting delete till it got everything, eventually.


Another way to go about it in AI would be after doing the trace, to select the black shape, Release the Compound Path, and use the Pathfinder to do a Unite operation. You would end up with a filled, single-path shape and no stroke.

Again, don’t know the right way to do it in Inkscape, but I’m sure that there is a similar set of steps you could follow.


Apparently it isn’t me or the images I was handed. Inkscape traces both sides of the line. Smart…

But the video is super helpful and to the point .


Any reason you are doing it as a PNG rather than just using the hebrew font from your machine and convert to outline? It’s just a regular printed mem? (I used the adobe hebrew font on my mac) (1.1 KB)


This is a job for someone. The client sent me a PNG for each letter. So I figured they either did a custom version or something.

Luckily that video and the comments of those above fixed my problems. I’ll keep the regular font as a backup incase these files go bad in some way.

Also I’m a horrible Jew and have no clue what these letters should look like exactly, and what ready to go fonts are out there.