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Ok all you artsy people out there. I am working on a project based on a 3D printed model, and I had airbrushed the base coat in flat army green. Then there is some stenciled lettering. So after failing multiple times I got some cricut sheets which are laser safe, which cut super cleanly for stencils. Then I got some 3M “repositionable” adhesive which I now take to mean reposition from my stencil to my model. There are patches of the hunk stuck on my part. What solvent is good for taking off the funk, but not the paint. The stencil worked perfectly and my lettering is super crisp. I did try some IPA which sort of took it off, but burnished the paint. Any ideas appreciated from your experience.

I’m not artsy, but if I’m reading correctly this might help:


Goo gone will undoubtably attack the paint (I haven’t sealed it in case my stencil failed I could have painted over it) which is the problem here. I imagine if I had sealed it the gunk wouldn’t have stuck like on flat paint

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I don’t know the chemistry, but most acrylic can be cleaned or rubbed down with a wet paper towel or magic eraser.

If hunk means sticky adhesive, you can try petroleum jelly to dissolve the adhesive remnants. It should leave craft paint alone, in theory ;p

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Ok, so goo-gone had zero effect on anything… normally it is super effective on adhesives.

Soap and water had no effect really.

But air brush cleaner was mostly effective, and strangely had no effect on the acrylic paint (which would seem to be its purpose). There is a tiny bit, so more scrubbing in the morning…


By the way, the scratched metal around openings is dry brushed on to simulate wear, with tamiya silver acrylic.

Very cute!

Another thing you could try next time is a rubber eraser.

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I love it! I hate 3d printing! Need a laser cut model ;p

Turns out it’s difficult to remove rubber eraser too… :grinning:

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