Help with adding a printer

Hey there community folks, I’m looking for a little help. I have 2 printers and am trying to add the second one. When I click the add a printer button, it has me downloading software. When it’s loaded, I launch it and then nothing happens. I get a blank smaller window open that says Glowforge Wifi Setup then nothing. Nada. Zilch.
Can anyone help with this step of the process? My printer is on and broadcasting wifi.

You go through the process of setting up the new Glowforge in the same way that you set up the first one. Once it is online, you will select it from the drop down list that will be available.

How far in the setup process have you gotten with this Glowforge?


Unfortunately I didn’t setup the first one.

Here is the process.


With the setup a glowforge website, it has me downloading a software package. When I launch that package, literally nothing happens. A splash page for Wifi Setup shows up yet it’s totally blank.

There is nothing to download - ever.

Is your Glowforge newly acquired from Glowforge? Is the teal button flashing?


Hmmmm … I have one printer already set up. When I go to my account and look over my printers, the one setup is there. There’s a tab that says “Add a Printer” so I click on that and it directs me to another webpage that says download for windows, mac, etc. So I download that. What am I missing here?

I held down the button for 10s to get it teal.

Go to and follow the directions.

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DUDE !!! I did that :frowning: Goes straight to a webpage asking me to download for Windows :slight_smile: Then nothing happens when I launch that

Press and hold the print button until it flashes teal.

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This printer was already setup yet the teacher who “owned” it doesn’t work here anymore. So Glowforge put the account under my name.

Is it being used on the original owner’s wifi? Did nothing change about this Glowforge except the ownership name?


I can connect to the Wifi no problem. Yet I have no clue what else to do. When I’m on it doesn’t show up as a option for printers. So my mind says “lets add it as a printer”. Yet the setup stuff from GF doesn’t do anything. Logically you would think that if it’s not added as a printer, then it needs to be. So how do you do that?

and yes nothing’s changed besides ownership
I have no clue what the previous passwords etc. are either

What do you see when you click on the Dashboard tab above?

when i log into GF, my 1st printer shows up. no other printer. So i’m trying to figure out how to have both printers show up when i log in.

Click on the name of your original Glowforge - does a drop down menu appear to show the second Glowforge?

only 1 printer

GF says they removed the original owner and both printers are now on my acct