Help with calibration

Update- It seems to be working. Is it possible that cold (really cold) temperatures would cause it to be off kilter? It was very cold today in New Hampshire and windy. The wind was blowing straight into the vent hose.

Maybe? The low end of the operating temperature range is 60ºF. I’d expect it to throw a “too cold” error, but maybe not if it’s in the middle of calibration.

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So you were able to complete the calibration and your alignment is better?

No I still can’t run through the calibration, but it seems to be calibrated just fine now that it is warmed up. It was 11 degrees out and I had the vent hose in the window for several hours. I still have not heard from customer support which really makes me unhappy because when I do have a problem that does not resolve itself, I am going to go out of my mind with not getting a response.

I keep copius amounts of card stock/poster board cut to fit the crumb tray for all of my test prints and calibrations. It costs just pennies a sheet and then I use it for kindling in the fireplace.


I’m terribly sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble. I see you’ve emailed us and we’ve followed up there.

We’ll continue to work on this through email, so this post will be closed. Please start a new post and let us know if you are unable to locate our email.