Help with catalog design

I’m looking at purchasing a file from the glowforge catalog, and I’m wondering if there’s (yet) a way to edit a catalog file…? I’m looking at the better together clutch, but want to use a thinner leather, and I’m thinking that the slalom seam won’t hold very well with a thinner leather. How can I edit it for thinner leather, but not shrink the whole thing?
Thanks guys!

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I’ve made the clutch with both 3-4 oz and 5-6 oz tooling leather and it worked great with each.


Ok! That’s good to know. In my head, it looks too loose.

The tooling leather is pretty stiff and even the 3-4 oz was a challenge putting together. If you are using proofgrade I don’t know.

I wasn’t planning on proofgrade for this. I have a bunch of leather I plan on upcycling. I’ve been collecting it for awhile, while waiting for my glowforge. I’m not sure how thick it is, but I have some thick proofgrade, and it’s not near that thick.

I think the stiffness would be more of a factor than weight. Check it with a caliper and compare it to this table:


As you noted, you can scale the entire file, but there is not currently a way to resize only certain elements, e.g. slots & tabs.

Excellent tips on using leather in this thread!

I’m really hoping they make a way for us to edit catalog files. I realize that they probably won’t, because I don’t know how they would be able to keep the “buy once, or buy for life” if you could save the file to your computer, to edit it. I’ve already wished several times that I could edit files from there…including the free patterns. I wanted to use part of one of the patterns on some earrings. The whole file as is just won’t work.
I guess they could let you download the file if you purchased the unlimited prints for life option. @dan, I really would love that option! Even looking at the wallets, I want to customize them for family. I could bring my own text file over…but alignment still isn’t 100%, unless it’s all part of the same file. Trying to align it in the gfui isn’t a guarantee.

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I agree with you here. There is definitely some value in being able to edit/augment catalog designs just slightly. For example, I purchased (unlimited prints) of the Retro Boombox and in the detail assembly instructions is suggests adjusting the size of slot for the phone so it can accommodate a phone with case or some larger sizes (such as iPhone Plus models). But editing is not currently an option. I suppose creating a simple GFUI editor would require lots development. But your point about having editing/downloading privileges if you purchase unlimited prints is a good one. Tough to stop the secondary market on that but if catalog items had a copyright by default, then they’d at least have that…

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