Help with converting an image

I know this has been covered extensively but I haven’t tried it yet.
Normally I’m all for figuring things out my self but I have a project that is time sensitive.
I work in a cardiac ICU and one of our former pediatric heart transplant patients passed recently. I’m working on a plaque to give to the parents from everyone on the unit.
It contains a picture of the little one that needs to be optimized for engraving.

Is there anyone here with skill to do it quickly that’s willing to help?
I could privately message the image. I can not post here for patient privacy reasons.

Any help would be appreciated.


What do you need converted on it? Is it a scan of signatures? When do you need it?

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I just edited the post to include what I need but the person that put the art work together used a color photo of the patient and it needs to be cleaned up and optimized for engraving.
I’m using a light colored wood. (maple)
The sooner the better. Which is why I’m asking for help. if I had a few days I’d attempt it myself.

I feel like someone with experience could do it rather quickly.

The file I was sent is a .pdf

I can try out JB’s action on it in just a few minutes. If you want background removed, etc. That will take longer.


I will message you the file. not sure about the background. It might look better but for the sake of time I’m ok with good over great.

I was going to say JB is your man, but naturally, Jules is all over it.


… also, what a beautiful gesture. :purple_heart:


(I used his action. He’s still responsible.) :sweat_smile:


Probably a bit late, but I’m happy to help. I’ll be on the road probably around noon CST tomorrow but can work it up before that.


Thanks for offering, but @Jules has it covered.
I really appreciate the help.

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