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I run a small Trophy shop out of my house. I am trying to figure out how I can make the outline of the plates in my matrix. I normally use metal and the follow the cut lines that I scored. I make these using gravograph , I then export as PDF and upload it to engrave with glow forge.
I dont have premium and no good with corel which I tried using at one time. I want to start using plastic where I can cut top layer off for writing and cut out the plates.
3 5in oval.pdf (39.9 KB)

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I am not quite sure what you are asking. Do you have different plates that you want to make jigs for, or are you wishing to cut the plates from plastic. The file you shared looks fine, except it is not an oval.

There is a file with all sorts of shape templates in the Free Laser Design section which might be useful for you. Are you trying to accomplish something similar to this? (49.4 KB)


If I’m understanding your question and PDF correctly all you need to do is change the COLOR of your cut lines so they are different than your engraves. That is how GF tells one step from another.


I have had Corel since V3 but there are a lot of things about it that make it problematic for use with the laser. I have found Inkscape to fill in the vector stuff, and Gimp for where rasters are needed. If you can use vector engraving in text I think that would work well but a lot of text contains overlapping parts that mess up an engraving and Corel will not tell you about. Inkscape can ignore them but can point them out and fix them as well.

There is no software that you can control without learning all the widgets that control it, and the fewer widgets the less control you have. That is how this universe works. So it is well worth the time to just sit down and try all the widgets to learn how they work. I knew no more about Inkscape than hearing about the name when I purchased my glowforge, but had a decent handle on it six months later when the machine actually arrived. Learning is much faster if given more than passing attention and watching YouTube about it.

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I echo Inkscape for vector and text, but it does have a learning curve. Corel is much worse (illogical) - I used that many years ago, or at least, attempted to.

I’m not clear from your description what you are trying to accomplish. Do you want to simply cut rectangular pieces and engrave the text onto clear acrylic?

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yes that is excatly what I am trying to do, cut rectangle and engrave text onto 2 ply plastic.
I Have tried to change color but it still comes up with same. guess I will try again.


If your outline is a part of an image (in pdf or svg) it will still only engrave. If you have premium you can use the outline to make a line you can use to cut

Thnaks for the help all, I was able to figure out an even easier way.
in my Gravograph software, when I create the matrix, I am changing the tool type which gives my another color so when its ported out of the software as a pdf it has 2 colors.

thanks again,



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