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I need it to cut a proofgrade Med Maple Plywood sheet in half from top to bottom. All kinds of issues and No success. Very new at this. How do I do this? Is there a tutorial?

Not sure you’ll be able to. I don’t know if you can get a cut line to fit all the way from top to bottom.

Assuming one cannot, I’d say line up the material so the edge is right up against the left edge (or right edge) and against the bottom. Then cut as much as you can. Then carefully slide the material up and cut again.

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You can do it if you have a Pro and put the piece through the passthrough slot sideways. Then in your vector program create a single horizontal line (doesn’t matter how long, you can resize it later) and upload it, set it to Cut.

With a Basic you might be able to do it in two passes by uploading a vertical line, cutting as much of the board as is within the view (place the board so the bottom edge is just within the cuttable area), then take the board out, turn it around 180 degrees, put it back in, and carefully place the cutting line to align with what you have already cut. It won’t be perfect but it should be pretty close.


I am basically wanting to split the 20x12 into two 10x12. I am guessing from the responses so far that That is not possible, at least in the Basic? I guess I could use a saw, but I really wanted the more precise lasered edge, plus the less manual labor.

Moving this to Beyond the Manual so I can post the following link without feeling quite as naughty…here’s a possible solution:

I would take Tom’s advice. And test by just scoring on paper or cardboard. Make sure your artboard is set up to 20x12… Place the line precisely at 10"… and save as svg. Then try just loading it in GFUI… and make sure your test piece is up against the left edge of the lip on the crumb tray. If it is indeed at 10"… you should be able to slide the material up and run it again to finish the cut.

Of course this is speculation only as I haven’t had the need to do this… But it makes sense with the only question being whether you can precisely put that vertical line at 10".


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