Help with Durable box hinges

I’m trying to design some wooden boxes, but I am having a hard time deciding which hinges to use. Unfortunately I’m in a bit of a time crunch and I don’t have time to make and test so many different ones.
(sorry, I’m still a beginner here)
Can anyone tell me about the durability of the laser cut hinges? Should I make the hinges out of acryllic for strength? or would it be better to just buy some metal ones and screw them on.

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I think if you are in a time crunch, buy the hinges, and focus on making the boxes, this way you don’t get backed against the wall with time / learning curve,



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Are you using a box generator to make the boxes?

It would be helpful to know the thickness of the material you are using to make your boxes.

I am using 1/4" wood, and this box generator.

It does have two hinges, and I’m testing one of them as well as the one on the snowflake gift box designed by designvh619 if I can figure out the dimensions well enough.

That’s fair I guess. This is probably what I’ll end up doing at first, but I would like to try making my own hinges soon.

in time, you will make hinges that blow us away!!!


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If you utilize the search function for hinged box, you will see some pretty ingenious solutions to the hinge problem. Here are two threads to consider:; Hinged Lid Box

Great, I’ll look through those. Thank you!

Yeah the leather hinge trick worked pretty well.