Help with DXF file please!

Wooden sailing boat file cdr and dxf free vector download for Laser cut CNC.dxf (9.5 MB)

I downloaded this file today, hoping that I could import it into Inkscape (I’ve done this before with some success) and modify the layout for printing. But alas, it came across very small (but I expanded it to the appropriate size) and what’s worse, several of the pieces have changed shape, some pretty dramatically as far as I can tell. The hull pieces don’t create the correct shape, some pieces aren’t the right size and don’t fit, the pics to be scored are really choppy, the sails aren’t the right shape, etc. I was hoping that someone with the correct software could import it there and create a more useable SVG for me and post it back here. Not sure if this will fix the problems or not, but I don’t think it will take long to try. I tried another DXF yesterday, also with no luck. Thx for your time and trouble!!!

oh boy, this is just a terrible file.

Give cloudconvert a whirl.

Lol boy is it ever, 35000 objects, scale is completely whacked.

Yeah… run away, find a different file or a better version. That’s awful.


Thx for the link. Didn’t even think to Google that! I tried it and it actually came out worse than just importing it directly into Inkscape. I definitely got what I paid for! I’ll move on. Thx for your time!!

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You could try in this …

With hard chines you can get very accurate folded out shapes that fit.


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