Help with Ear Savers

I accidentally deleted the contents of the Ear Savers Single Sheet template that was loaded into our Design Library, and closed the template without Undo. That template had the Cut and Score sections properly identified.

I can rename it, but can’t delete it in the Design Library. I also can’t restore it, however, which is what I need. The design is not in the Catalog to get there.

I’m switching to the manual files, but have to figure out the settings manually for those files.

Is there a way to restore a Glowforge provided design?

Another question. If I load the manual file (fullsheet, svg) I get two cut layers in the resulting design. If I change the inner design and text to score or engrave, the design immediately changes to No Artwork, even though the dimensions in no way have changed?

Take them both to a cut and it design returns to ready.

Does the Import respect the colors in the svg file and change the Cut power parameters? I suspect not because they are both listed in the interface as a Proofgrade Cut.

Open the design from your home page, then click on the 3 vertical dots and choose Design Details. You should see a button to Reset Design.

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The area available is different with the largest being cut, and depending on speed, the engrave are can be very small. If any part of the design cannot be done it will not do the other parts.

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The full sheet design just barely fits on a 20 x 12 sheet as long as you choose Score for the inner design. If you choose Engrave the printable area is smaller (due to space needed for acceleration/deceleration of the head) and the design no longer fits. So choose Score.


Thanks for the answer @cynd11

@sircoolio, welcome to the community! In case resetting the design file didn’t work, I’ve resent both design files to your library. Will you let me know if that resolves this for you?


Yes, thank you. 413 Ear Savers printed today!


That’s great!

I’m going to close this thread. Please feel free to post a new topic if you have any other questions.