Help with file 101

Very new here. I ordered a file with three layers on Etsy. It is a map of the area I live in. When I import it into the Glowforge App, it appears on the left side (in little boxes), but nothing on the screen. Am I doing something wrong or completely missing a step?


Hopefully you can zoom out and it will be off side somewhere. You can then drag it onto the work area.


When I see that, I typically just click CTRL-A to select anything that may be there. Then I would click on the RULER icon at the bottom and click the top-left circle, to align by the top left corner. Then set that to X=0 and Y=0 and if anything was there, it is moved to that spot.

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Great pointers from our other regulars here! If you write into with a screenshot, we may be offer more specific advice.