Help with First Print

I was so excited to get my glowforge all set up. I tried the gift of good measure project. It engraved but didn’t cut…what did I do wrong

Did it not cut at all, or did it not cut all the way through?

Not at all I used the proofgrade medium draft board it told me to.

Could you try it again, but double check that your settings look like this before you hit print?!

Did it score?

This is the last operation. I don’t know why my pic didn’t show it.

Yes it scored.

Will look when I get home. I didn’t change anything. At least not intentionally.

No I had to turn it on. I thought proofgrade was supposed to auto-select the right settings…

As @dklgood stated…just double check your settings for cutting. Sometimes the power defaults to ‘1’, which won’t do anything.

So here is where I am now. I changed the settings, and re-ordered the steps putting the gift of good measure item over the first pass that didn’t cut. With the changed settings it cut. WooHoo!

Then I re-ordered the steps back to the original file, kept the cut settings the way they were and ran it again to create a duplicate. It did not cut…=0(.

So support is going to have to sort this out, but in the meantime it looks like your machine is working and you can get busy forging. I am looking forward to seeing what you make.

Thanks for all your help!

@judith.a.herzog I’m so sorry your print didn’t turn out as expected!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.