Help with Laser Engraving

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I am currently waiting on a response from Glowforge as my exhaust fan is still not working. Here is my original post Brown Hard Liquid at back of machine and now exhaust fan isn’t running right. I have ordered and finally received the 3M cleaner and sprayed in the fan and the exhaust fan still does not run. I am afraid I may have to wait for some type of replacement part or may have to ship my machine back to have it repaired. I am really behind on customer orders and have a wedding order coming up in a couple of weeks. Does anyone know of someone who would be willing to cutout and engrave my design for me for these wedding ornmates and mail them to me? I don’t know where to go from here and I need these for the bride. Thanks for any help and advice that you all can provide.

Where are you located? It might help to find a local GF’er

There is always Ponoko if you can’t find someone here/locally.

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