Help With Moon Lamp Design

I can’t figure out this moon lamp design. I’ve cut it out twice and the pieces just don’t make sense to me. Can someone please help lol.


I haven’t looked closely at it or cut it yet but some of those lines are intended as scores, not cuts. You can probably look at the finished picture and see which ones are supposed to be which.

Thats what i figured lol but i am not sure which ones need to be cut and which ones need to be scored.

When I downloaded the file there were instructions that included “create your acrylic parts” and “create your wooden parts”. There were instructions on those pages.

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This picture should help.


yea that’s what i got also but there aren’t any instructions saying that certain parts are to be cut and certain parts are scored.

You can see from the picture, that you don’t want to cut out around the fancy part, but you do want to cut out the design. There is a simple score line around the design. Everything else is a cut. The four acrylic parts are simply cut. The four sides with the design slot together and the bottom notches go in the base.

Hopefully you’ve figured it out @carmoboi08. Just in case you haven’t, this might help.


Thank you! i will try this today! i appreciate the feedback.

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i have the acrylic parts cut out and the 4 wooden pieces cut out. When i place them all together on the base they are loose. Do i glue the acrylic pieces to the wooden pieces?


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In the picture above, the tab is not full seated in the slot of the base. If you can’t push it down, you may have to sand the edges a bit. The Glowforge picture of the design shows the sides sitting flush on the bottom piece. Sometimes you do have to use glue for complete stability.

the tabs seem to be too long. in the picture they are sitting all the way in the slot.

They may plan for them to stick out the bottom as feet, or you could sand down the extra :upside_down_face:

what about the acrylic pieces ? the base only has slots on two sides.

When all pieces are in place I would guess that the two sides that have slots would have a slot to either side to hold up the two that don’t. That would be how I might design it anyway. A drop or two of CA glue in out of the way inside places or on the bottom would lock everything in place keeping in mind that it could cause a white haze on the acrylic, if near where you could see.

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