Help with multiple colors silhouette studio svg export

Edit: got it figured out. Not sure how to delete posts! Haha

Looking for some help!
I designed something in silhouette studio business edition. I had 2 different line colors for engrave and cut. I had all the engrave filled. I saved to my hard drive and when uploading to the glow forge app it only shows cut lines all in one color. Any advice on what went wrong and what I can do to fix it? I don’t have any inkscape experience. I tried importing it there as well just to change colors and the entire thing turned into a block. Thanks in advance!


You should post your solution. :slight_smile: might be helpful to someone down the road!


Ah good point. But it was just me not knowing how the glowforge app worked. Apparently the colors stay the same but on the left side it groups them. Some nice people told me that you then just select it and change it to cut, score, or engrave. :slight_smile:

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