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Ok so I want to make this keychain for my BF’s daughter who will be going to Auburn. I would like to cut out in acrylic and and engrave. It is want to cut all the lines and it will then be all separate pieces. I have tried in Inkscape and SB but I just can’t grasp how to do so (or delete manually the lines/areas I don’t want it to cut.

So you want one piece of orange acrylic and three pieces of blue acrylic to inlay?

Try to cut it as a keychain in acrylic. I need the oranges lines to not cut in the places the A covers the U. Then I will engrave the blue. I can get it to outline in SB but then it doesn’t do the middle of the A or the bottom of the a (in white in picture).

If you want to cut these on each color this is the pattern you want.



Right click^^ and “Save as [SVG]”.


I want to cut it as a keychain, once piece. When I put in GF, it wants to cut like bottom picture. I am trying to make one piece and engrave the blue, but “mostly” cut orange. See picture with lines I need delted to hopefully understand.

Its not an svg issue, its a remove “lines” to make cut a one piece. When I put in GF it wants to gut like above second picture. I want to cut SOME of the orange lines then enngrave all blue.

like this?


Just cut the red and engrave the blue


Yes! That is Exactly what I couldn’t figure out, was how to remove the pesky ones. I am new, had it about two weeks.

In Inkscape use break apart to make pieces and then combine those pieces that go together. Three commands. Nothing removed.

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Thank you I will defintely play with it. What others were suggesting was not working at all. :slight_smile:

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I bought in 7 months before they were available, So I just went into Inkscape and tried out all the commands to see what they did, not looking for a finished result. but when I did have a place to go I knew how to get there.

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