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Hello all, still sort of a newbie here, love everyone’s creativity . Have never made anything yet with a photo but for christmas I have a photo of myself with my friends 40 years ago that I would like to engrave on cutting boards and one of my son in law and grandson ( we list him to suicide) and I would like to make some sort of engraving for his mother to honor him. My problem is I’m not very tech savvy and need these photos cleaned up a bit and the background removed on my son in law one. I would forever be greatful if someone could clean these pics up I ran a test pic and it was just not very good . Thank you in advance.
Lori from WI
How can I attach the photos lol

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You can drag and drop photos directly from computer.

I use Gimp to manipulate photos and there are a lot of ways you can change things and then export it as a .PNG. A strong white to black with relevant grays contrast with extraneous stuff not included that you can still see the image well will do a good job.

A photo that is blurry is unlikely to be improved.


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