Help with Score action?

I have done many searches and think I found my answer or lack of.

In Inkscape we can distinguish between the burn actions cut and engrave by setting fill and stroke and even arrange print step order by color when importing to the GF.

But is there no way to distinguish a score action? I have not found out how if its possible.


Assign a unique color to scores. The Glowforge recognizes different colors, but does not assign actions based on the actual color.

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That is what I do now but I still have to tell GF to change it from a cut to a score.

I was just trying to simplify things because I went to print and old file and forgot to change it to a score so You can imagine how that came out after cutting it.

Thank you

You have to set it to a score. There’s no way around it.


I was afraid that would be the answer, no way to set a score in our design software like Inkscape.

Maybe GF can help us out in future software upgrades.

After all there store bought designs set the correct actions when we print them so we should be able to do it from
our end also.

How about it GF, hopefully something you are working on in future updates?

Thanks for the great machine!


That would definitely be nice - even if it wasn’t X colour = Score if it were just when you re-opened an old design that was still saved in the GFUI the cut/engrave/score would remain set

It does save score once you set it. I just went back and found several files with score still set.

Yes I believe you are correct, our files left in the GFUI keep there settings.

I’m talking about new files loaded in. I am constantly modifying so like to make sure I have the latest version so never leave them in GF.

One can wish. :sleeping:

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You hit one a feature that has been hopperized for a long time. Would really be sweet to do laser settings in Inkscape and just upload and zap.


On the other hand…what if it always defaulted to score when you didn’t want that…like if you accidentally used the wrong color? Easy to miss either way, I think.



I could live with that. I now design with a consistent colour palette for engrave, cut and score.

I do it that way because when I come back to a design a year later, I still know which lines are which.

I wish I could set my GF to track that.

Better still, if the GF defined 12 colours to be specific things, then it would mean we could all make interchangeable designs where you didn’t have to guess what another designer meant.


Right on mark, we think alike on this!


Interesting. Mine all default to and then when I input a material all the lines go to cut…

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Thanks for the help everyone!

@leenanj thank you for your suggestions regarding this! I’ll make sure the team gets them.

I’m going to close this thread - If you run into any trouble please either open a new thread or email us at and we’ll be happy to help!