Help with Settings!

New to Glowforge and was wondering if anyone could help me out before I waste more material!

Bought this svg off Etsy and uploaded (my own fault as I didn’t change the settings!) and it cut the whole pattern resulting in tiny piece of acrylic everywhere! :see_no_evil:

I have uploaded it again but can anyone tell me What I do to cut the outline and score the detail ? I have done another style but it was already set up and had the settings in it if that makes sense!

Any help appreciated!

Use your design app to change the color of the outline so it will be a separate step in the GF UI.

Alternatively, if you have the premium tools, add an outline to the design - at offset 0.


Did you go through the beginning tutorials when you got your machine? if not, it can be really helpful in learning how everything works as far as cutting, scoring, and engraving.


When handed vectors the GFUI generally turns them all into cuts. Generally, also each type will be a different color in the original. So if you look carefully, so you know what is what, and generally, as all cast acrylic is pretty similar you can call it proofgrade acrylic of that (or near that) color and cut, score, or engrave as shown on the image and not be totally off.

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Using the built-in (premium) Outline tool is always a quick and easy way to cut something out. With this, you’d set the whole shape to “Score”, then add the Outline using the tool:

And make sure you set that outline to cut.

All that said however, I’m not confident scoring this design will come out good. It’s a lot of lines, very tight. In that case it might be better to engrave this design. Or rasterize it first, then engrave.

Good luck!


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