Help With Settings?!

I want to make a ultrasound on a large wood round and can’t figure out settings for the life of me :frowning: I tried puting the basswood settings on it (as its a basswood wood round) and it completely scorched it. Trying again and I don’t want to mess up. Help?!

You can search the Beyond the Manual section, but Glowforge support does not weigh in on non Proofgrade material. Perhaps the problem is in the focus rather than the material settings. How thick is the wood round? Did you use the set focus tool or enter a height manually?

It could be either the settings or the file. An ultrasound photo likely needs some clean up editing before it’s ready to go.

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I’m sure its the settings. Its too large on the tray and too short off it so I put it on something to make it right height but I still can’t figure out the right height or settings -_-

Just use the set focus button under the gear icon and it will set the perfect height. Either way though, autofocus is making a scan of the material when you push print.

Do you have a picture of your attempt?

That was what I did and it didn’t work. And no, I canceled it because it was burning it so bad so I never fully attempted. I flipped it around and I’m trying again

The top of your material must be in focus range. How thick is your round and what thickness is the material you used to lift it up off the floor of the Glowforge? The set focus tool won’t work if your material is not in the proper place.

I think I figured it out! Thank you! :slight_smile:


You may find this little tool useful the next time you need to cut without the tray…


awesome! Thank you so much!!

Hello @rebecca_wessell, I am sorry you hit a snag but I am so glad you got it resolved! If you run into any other issues please start a new thread or email us at I am going to close this thread now. Happy printing!

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