Help with SVG file?

Hey guys!
I got a file from a client and its not wanting to upload to the Glowforge UI. I’m guessing it has something to do with the complexity of the art, but any help would be great!

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Might be because it’s too wide as-is. But I don’t know. Here’s what it looks like on a 20 x 12 artboard…


I am no expert, but I took a look at it. I think the main problem is those (soap bubble?) images. Each one is split in two, and are quite complex, meaning LOTS of paths. I assume you (or customer) wants those engraved and not cut? I believe those need to be imported images, ie png/jpg.

If it were me, I’d tell the customer to redo file with that changed, if you didn’t want to do the work. Or I’d ask your customer for an image file to send over. Then delete the soap bubble images in the file, and import the image file, then copy/paste as needed.

And yes, that layout is bigger than the 12"x20" allowed by the GF. It needs to be crowded closer, and/or split into two files.


I tried saving off just the left section into its own SVG. Interesting result…
I don’t know what that means.

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Yeah that was what I thought too. Okay sounds like I’ll be doing them as jpegs! Even when I upload a smaller amount of box peices it doesn’t load. Oh well… :joy:
Thanks guys!

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I don’t use Adobe Illustrator, but saving into two files worked fine in Inkscape.

Good luck! Love to see a sample when they’re done.

I think you’ll be happier converting them to rastor images anyway. There’s a lot of little welding errors and gaps in the bubble image and I would guess there’s a chance you would get some “random line” errors in the processing. I’m not sure if it’d be noticeable, but some of them have pretty large gaps going down the middle of the bubbles too and that’d be an easy fix once you convert it to a bitmap.


I think I’d charge extra for all that extra work!


Three SVG items in the zip.

Part 1 and 2.svg are sizes pulled into two groups to fit a GF sized material.
All_Sizes.svg is all together and moved around to fit on one board.

Note that there is still grouping in Part files.

Be careful with the All Size since I removed the grouping entirely and I did not not verify it was all inside the allowed cut area.
If you have to shift things - go slow.

Hope this helps.

Soap (1.9 MB)

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Thanks for the answer @nospam, that’s right. I’m going to move this thread to Everything Else so the community can keep helping.

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