Help with text engraving



How do I engrave the black part inside, leave and ignore the layer outside and engrave the black outer layer?


You should be able to just load this on the on Home screen, load it and it will engrave as shown assuming this is a JPG or PNG

Do you want to cut it out or anything else?


If it’s a bitmap, you can use an autotrace to create a vector outline of the 12, then use the outline to cut. If it’s a Vector image just duplicate the outline object and give it a different color so it winds up being a different operation


No I’m not cutting any part. Its a JPG. I will give it a try. I tried doing it with illustrator but didn’t get the desired result.


Put it in an .SVG or PDF. You should then be able to upload it.


You can just drag that and drop it on the Dashboard in the Glowforge interface and it will open right up as an engrave. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks everybody for your response. It worked!


Does HD engraving make a big difference in quality?


Very nice!

HD will make it darker and deeper - it’s going to run the laser over areas that have already been burned. Just depends on the look that you want.

(Also adds a lot of time to the engrave.)


While setting as a font, fill one color and outline another.
Score one - engrave other


Is this by using illustrator