Help with text engraving


How do I engrave the black part inside, leave and ignore the layer outside and engrave the black outer layer?

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You should be able to just load this on the on Home screen, load it and it will engrave as shown assuming this is a JPG or PNG

Do you want to cut it out or anything else?

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If it’s a bitmap, you can use an autotrace to create a vector outline of the 12, then use the outline to cut. If it’s a Vector image just duplicate the outline object and give it a different color so it winds up being a different operation

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No I’m not cutting any part. Its a JPG. I will give it a try. I tried doing it with illustrator but didn’t get the desired result.

Put it in an .SVG or PDF. You should then be able to upload it.

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You can just drag that and drop it on the Dashboard in the Glowforge interface and it will open right up as an engrave. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks everybody for your response. It worked!

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Does HD engraving make a big difference in quality?


Very nice!

HD will make it darker and deeper - it’s going to run the laser over areas that have already been burned. Just depends on the look that you want.

(Also adds a lot of time to the engrave.)


While setting as a font, fill one color and outline another.
Score one - engrave other

Is this by using illustrator