Help with Trace Function

I’m trying to use the trace function but each time I try and trace this particular item the width is perfect but the height adds perhaps a 1/16 of an inch. I’ve positioned the object to be traced in several different positions from directly under the camera to off to the side with the same results. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately the Trace function is not designed to create camera-distortion free trace results right now. If you require engineering accuracy, recreate the parts using the correct scale in a program like Illustrator, Inkscape, or one of the CAD programs, then save the file as an SVG file type. When that is brought into the Glowforge interface, the results will cut with perfect accuracy. :slight_smile:


Thanks Jules. I had a feeling that would be the response but was hoping it would not be. :frowning:

:grinning: Actually, I was tickled to hear that your results were that close. (They are continuing to work on improving the algorithm that corrects for camera distortion, but I imagine it won’t ever be as perfect as building it in a CAD setup.)

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I’m not a “CAD” kind of guy unfortunately. I know it defeats the purpose of having a laser but I’m of a mind to cut out the larger piece and them trim this small amount. It’s not something I need to produce a lot of, maybe just 4-5.

Nothing wrong with combining methods, I do it all the time. :smile:
(Don’t let anyone tell you that once you get a laser you have to do everything by laser. I still use sandpaper.) :wink:


I guess I would have have one final question. Is there any way to download the traced Image so I can just tweak that?

No, unfortunately not. :neutral_face:

I’d suggest use of a straight on photograph against a contrasting background and an Auto-trace of the jpeg, which can then be sized to your needs, but by the time you learn to do all of that, it would likely be quicker to just trim it a bit, and probably just as accurate.


Yeah that’s a good argument. If you consider it an investment for future projects it makes sense to learn to do that stuff. Search the forum for “inkscape trace” or “illustrator trace” and you’ll find lots of info about how it’s done.

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or get a flatbed scanner. You can get a new cannon or epson scanner for around $60, or a used all-in-one printer with a flatbed scanner on craigslist for 25 bucks. Way more accurate than the trace function, and you get a file that you can then manipulate.