Help with turning screen shot to cut file

I am so lost and no idea how to take a screen shot and turn to a cut file if at all possible? All I want are earring shapes and can not figure out how to convert or make them. Any help would be great and TIA


The answer would depend on which design application you are using. In general, you will need to trace the perimeter of the design to convert it into a vector file.

You could also just print it, and use the machines native trace feature.

Inkscape has a built-in trace feature that should be useful. More info:

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Getting started with the Glowforge can seem overwhelming at first, but you are going to get the hang of this pretty soon.
A screenshot is an image, a photo, and is not seen as something to cut by the Glowforge. Images are engraved and vector lines are cuts or scores. Here is some information regarding how the Glowforge “sees” pictures and lines: Glowforge Interface - Vector Files Made Easy 🤔

I suggest becoming familiar with the interface by working through some tutorials and learning about vector and raster files. You will be making earings soon.

Thanks, Im so lost .


great idea thanks

will check it out thanks

when I first started out, I bought some basic svg files from Etsy. Saved me time and frustration as I became more used to how the Glowforge works.


Look in the free laser designs section and see what comes up.

You might look at Adobe Capture. Using your phone you take a picture while in the app and it converts it to a vector allowing adjustments.

If you haven’t, please go through and do all the steps here:

It will teach you all the different things the :glowforge: can do, and teach you the terminology!

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