Helpful Reminder

With any luck, we have some new Great Gran’s incoming.
Did the expected piling on and then at the last minute I decided to give the lad a date reminder. ( it was this or buy them a comfortable couch).
Steff was a trial. I went through a lot of scripts and none of them worked with her name for some reason. Some were so swirly you could not even make the name out.
Finally settled on the York Script on a gold/black two color acrylic.
Gold color gets washed out when in a picture for some reason. Took several and all looked flattened.


Well it looks lovely, and congratulations on the family additions! :grinning:


Looks great! Makes me want to make a better “established” piece for my wife and I. Made an acrylic sign for an LED base but, want something bigger and prettier lol

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Looks GREAT! What’s the frame? Wood? Hard to tell for sure, but that looks like 3 “levels” gradually going down from the outer to inner? Is that right? Is it backed? It really looks like a great piece. So elegant!

That is elegant!

So beautiful and elegant! I really wanted to see it in brass though.


Nice “'Shopping”!


Beautifully done! Those fonts can really add a lot of time finding the right one.

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Something the wife drug home from Ollie’s ( I think?) for about 4 bucks (she has Coupon Zen and handles these things). Had some kitchen happy feet saying on some thin mdf.
Stamped metal thing, but was interesting. When she saw me designing this she went looking for a proper frame and I think she did well, even though it ended up about twice as long as I was planning on (16").

Went great with the brass//gold look. Picture does not look as great as it does looking at it. Kittski’s modified image looks more like it.

Just hope it works as intended and keeps Ryan off the couch.


I hate that. “Look at this, isn’t it great!”


“Sorry, still trying to figure out what it says. I have about 2/3rds of the letters solved.”


Isn’t it great when it works out like that?!