Helping One Another

I believe that a member of our forum (@lizz) has lost her home to one of the California fires. Keep her and all others facing these challenges in mind as you consider ways to be a helper in the world.


Oh that is so terrible. In our thoughts…


Those fires are so devastating. We read this morning where another town was almost completely destroyed. So sad.


Oh ugh!

She’s also got a blog page talking more about it at: Porter Family Update - More Than Thursdays



Absolutely beyond devastating!!!

In December 1982, I was 14 years old. One early morning about 1am someone is outside wildly ringing the doorbell and beating at the door. It was a neighbor from down the street who was driving back home from a family get together. He wanted to get us up — the house next door was burning down to the ground.

I vividly remember two things from that early morning. Sitting in my parent’s living room looking out the window as I watched the house burn down. Second memory ——the fire captain telling my father “This is an arson fire!”

To this day I am absolutely TERRIFIED of fires. Mentally and emotionally it is so bad for me — we pay an electrician to come to our house every 2 years and do an inspection with our electrical system. I will not burn candles in our home, have a fireplace or stay at any motel, hotel, B&B, etc if they have gas. I will also not own a propane grill.

I am this way because a greedy neighbor back in 1982 paid someone to start a fire so she could collect an insurance check. She was never arrested and the insurance company NEVER PAID HER!!! The lady knew not to challenge the insurance company.

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Thank you so much for sharing. We did indeed lose everything but what we left with, but we and our pets are safe and together, and that’s what matters. :heart:


Thank you for posting this. I’ve known Lizz for years (long before our Glowforge days) and was coming here to post it myself.

For those who didn’t read her blog post, she also sells some pretty cool laser designs, so that’s another way to support her family through this: Files blanks and stickers for laser operators by PewPewSupply


Thanks for sharing fire is so devastating. I’ll support her Etsy biz.

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My heart goes out to you. We had a house fire, not near as devastating, about 20 years ago. I have some idea of your emotions. When you get settled, I may be able to put my hands on my spreadsheet I used to enter everything we lost. Let me know if you want me to look for it. Just try to tackle a little a day as it will become overwhelming.

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