Hello all! What platform should I use to create my crafts? Does glow forge have their own software to upload our design? I’m totally lost! Please help

I am confused. Do you own a Glowforge? Have your read the manual?

Start with page 1.

You do not want to burn down your house!!!

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Thank you! I was doing research and found it.

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Please read the manual. I am very serious about burning your house down.

I will be here along with so many others to help you but you will have a better understanding after you read the manual.

The Glowforge is an incredible piece of technology that you will have so much fun with but you have to learn the basics.

Do not try to run before you can walk. I have been an owner for 3 years -— and I am still learning.

You will experience problems along the way and some of them you will be able to figure out for yourself. If you get stuck come here, research and read. If you are still confused there will be someone here to help you.

This entire forum is a HUGE encyclopedia of knowledge.

Go make yourself a big bowl of popcorn and get yourself a cold refreshing drink and read the manual. Take your time and do not rush the process.

I am going night night.

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Welcome to the community!
“Inkscape” is a free powerful and popular design program.
“Logos by Nick” is an excellent YouTube channel for Inkscape tutorials. Google any terms you aren’t familiar with, and there is always someone here to help.
Enjoy your learning adventure!


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