Hempwood is getting ready to hit the market at the end of the year and I can’t wait to give it a try. Looks pretty nice, is 20% than oak and fast growing. Sounds like maybe around the hardness of Padauk so may be tough to cut though?



Seem that it’s fibers in a binder? Like it might be impregnated with glue or resin?


They said they are using soy based adhesives, not oil ones and it sounds like it’s a similar process as binding bamboo. I wrote them to ask for more details and still waiting to hear back.


Just know that drug sniffing dogs may have a problem distinguishing it from a hidden bale of weed, and thus an excuse to search your car if they smell that it was there.

I would also be worried about the smell as it was cutting setting off the neighbors.

Nah-- the dogs are trained to hit on THC, not on hemp fibers. Otherwise, they’d go off on every other Bahama shirt wearing person walking buy. And hemp fiber/thread is pretty common in various kinds of shoes.

I’d be more concerned about whether or not the product is real. I wrote to them months ago, heard nothing back. Others have written, nada.

I hope it is, but I’m not holding my breath.


I have seen a number of folk talking about it, even “demonstrating” so that impression is not a part of the weirder internet. Beyond that I wonder still how the smoke would smell when engraved by the Glowforge.

Hemp is already a pretty common fiber in clothing, rope and other items and it’s legal nationwide. Even if I happened to be carrying a bunch of hempwood around in my car, I wouldn’t be worried about it. The folks transporting raw hemp commercially have had a few issues becasue a bale of fibers still smells like consumable marijuana., but not really an issue once it’s processed. It really is a environmentally sound and extremely useful product. I hope the companies are sustainable.

Have you checked their site recently? They are taking pre-orders and said it’ll be out at the end of the year so I’m a little hopeful.

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