Henhouse signs


Our neighbors have decided to keep chickens! I think because they found a really good deal on a henhouse kit, haha. Anyway, the three girls are all settled in, pecking away and making cute little cheeping sounds. Our neighbors are so excited about the chickens so I had to make some little signs for them. They were thrilled! And we’ve been promised eggs…


Now there’s a use I hadn’t thought of! :smile:
(Mmmmm…fresh eggs!)


Buffalo wings :blush:


Stop that! :smile::wink:


But, then there would be no eggs…


But there’d be nuggets and crispy thighs and slices of breast meat :wink:


Not for long!

The egg thing would be ongoing…


I’m borrowing this idea to make some signs for one of my friends too!


Those turned out lovely!


You could pick up a rooster and have eggs and a roaster too :wink:


How about Souffle, Omelette, and Over Easy! Nice.


A friend with five boys was given twelve baby female rabbits and discovered that there were only eleven female rabbits and had an interesting time explaining that they were trading rabbits for fried chicken.


Long ago, I decided that if/when my life allows me to have pet pygmy goats, their names will be Korma and Vindaloo.

I did have a pet rat named Rabies once.


Could totally have wings. The Buffalo don’t seem to miss them that much…


Not only a cute idea … It was very thoughtful!