Hephaestus is back and better than ever!

During his first incarnation in our home, Hephaestus was increasingly underpowered and generated far more smoke in the room than I would have liked. Fortunately, the fine support staff at Glowforge reviewed the issues that air had reported and saw that proofgrade cuts weren’t working as expected. They rushed a replacement to me and I’m happy to report that Hephaestus is back online and working better than ever!

Proofgrade cuts just work. No smoke is released from the front or bottom of my Glowforge and the fan even appears to be a bit quieter than my first unit.

I’m really happy to be back online and appreciate all of the thoughtful advice from this community.

Thank you.


Super! Now, Rock that thing. :sunglasses:


My first :glowforge: was called Hephaestus and had to be replaced when he refused to connect to WiFi…your post amused me
(the replacement is called Erichthonius after the offspring of Hephaestus)