Here are some watch bands I have done

I’ve done more, but I forgot to take pictures before the customers picked them up. I hate that when that happens.


Those are nice. Great idea to do a Medi-alert one.


Very nice work!

It was a request from a customer.

Great coloring work!

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I would start wearing a watch again, just to have one of the b/w bands. You do nice work.

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Hi, what paint did you use for painting? Thanks

Craft smart oil paint markers sold at Michaels.
(Individuals not the sets. It’s not the same formula in the sets. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told.)

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Beautiful watch bands!!

They look great. What do you use to color them in?


Look a few comments up for the answer.

Can I ask what settings you used for them. wanting to do my wife’s but don’t want to have to buy a couple to run test on