Here we go again. Just need to vent

So Got my 1st Glowforge in April, had 2 weeks and through a lid open error. They replaced it with a refurb machine with warranty. Now June, 2 months later, machine ran great. Turned it on last night and bam, Alert Interlock Error. Now nothing… I am so discouraged with this machine, 4k machine and it only works for a total of 2 months an 2 weeks. I have not heard from support. I really love the work this machine does and when it works its great. But I am so careful with the lid, I am careful with the material I am cutting and engraving. Shoot, I just don’t understand. Just need prayers to not be discouraged. So sad, you pay all this money and well. Rant over I going to stain some wood so that I can paint and stencil it, I guess it will be a silhouette day until I hear from Glowforge. Blessings for a great day and weekend GF friends and thanks for letting me vent. I hope to hear from support soon.

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Sorry to hear about your discouraging experience, particularly since mine has been flawless for years now. It’s not fair! The need to vent is real, pressure relief.
Here’s hoping for a quick resolution, and the satisfaction you deserve.


I was lucky and only had the black cable of death issue one time in a long run. My machine failed about a week ago and it was shocking to me. GF did not provide an instant remedy but they moved quickly enough to sooth my angst. I believe that most people have had similar experiences. But that belief is based only on this forum where the participants are generally happy campers or very angry. I am sorry your experience has been less than robust. Keep the faith. I would ask for the warranty to be further extended by the amount of down time you are experiencing.


I dunno. My machine is 2+ years old and still working great. But. When I got it and inspected it, being an engineer, I decided I didn’t like the way the black cable was routed, and that opening the cover all the way was going to cause abrasion on the back side of the cable. So I resolved to be careful when opening the cover. I have only very rarely opened the cover all the way. I lift it enough it stays where I put it, and then I reach in to remove my print. I never slam the cover all the way open.

I’m betting if people who have repeats of the same issue with the cover’s cable were a little less aggressive in opening the lid, their problems would abate. I’m not saying it’s operator error, the design itself seems a bit sub-optimal IMO. But a change in behavior in recognition of what I’m saying might yield a more positive outcome…


All is well now they sent me my replacement Ive named it 3xACharm


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