Here's why the gift of good measure is a bad testing tool

After another failed cut and another frustrating attempt to test my laser with everything working find on a small cut with the gift of good measure, I came to a realization. Typically when the laser loses its power is in long straight cuts, not small tight cuts like the gift of good measure. Ideally a good testing pattern would have both tight curves such as circles, wabbles etc, as well as sections of long cuts with sudden tight curves. I know I’ll get flack for this but after have a machine for over a year and never have proof grade cut at the advertised speeds, asking for troubleshooting help from gf and then not actually coming to any resolution, this seems to be more of a cop out test then an actual helpful one.


When I got my refurbished machine, I made my own test using calibration on proofgrade and a series of horizontal lines going across the entire bed, because the gift of good measure would be fine in the top left corner of the bed, but not the bottom right. Because of the lines, I was able to find the wiggle that was causing me issues and troubleshoot from there. The gift of good measure has it’s place in testing to see certain issues, but sometimes other issues require other tests.


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