Hershey Font History

This is probably kind of a deep cut but, some of you using single-line Hershey fonts in Inkscape might be interested in this post about their origin in 1960s-era optical printers:


A lot of so called Hershey fonts are not single line at all and this can be disappointing.
I ran into problems wanting to use a single line font I liked and ended up remaking the entire font as a true single line myself.
The struggle is real.

Enjoyed the dragons in motion quip, and fully understand why he gave it no gravitas. It must have been rather interesting back in the olden days in China, with so much detail about dragons.
OR, is it just a past flavor of unicorns for the children?


Even today the Chinese word for dragon and dinosaur are the same, With so many rich fossil beds they certainly had more details.


Very interesting read. Thank you!


That is a wonderful article. The matrix of discovery and utility and technical possibility. So many of these little parts of modern life to know and understand. We celebrate the big names and the ones who commercialize the knowledge, but the quiet problem solvers are the true heros.


Knowledge is power. Unless it’s math…

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But then the power is exponential.


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