Hexagonal Pan Coaster

Here’s an idea for a Christmas present - I painted the two internal layers using normal water colors (may not work on all materials). You can size the design up or down as you please, as there are no tabs.

DSC01613 DSC01617 DSC01618 Hex%20Coaster%20v1

Note: the layers are overlapped in the svg, so you need to separate them/cut them at different times. It’s easier to note how they go together this way. And they ONLY go together one way, so make sure you’re aware of how to assemble them before you apply glue :wink:


Love love love the color on the inside layer! Really nice job. Thanks for sharing!


That does look good. Thank you for sharing.

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Love the watercolor wash! I’ve got a set of good ones, I can see I’ll have to pull them out and start experimenting!

Oh yes, this is definitely a notch above the typical trivet. Very nice indeed!

If the material has a layer of lacquer then it won’t work, so look out for that! If you come up with anything, we’d love to see pictures!

Oh, and the design is very strongly inspired by this; https://www.pinterest.se/pin/172051648251120747/


Best be careful with the finish and the wood - any really hot pans or anything wet will wreck the wood.

Thanks for sharing file