Hey, can you please send me a new lid cable? Pleeeeease?

I am a newbie GF owner (about 6 months!) and I have been having issues with my GF since Saturday, for the very first time.

So I emailed support because I thought that was best, turns out maybe not the best for my situation and anxiety level.

I have self diagnosed myself, after poking around the forum for days while I wait for a response from support, as needing a new black lid cable. I’m not saying emailing support is a bad decision, but when they emailed me back yesterday I thought it was “my turn” and we would begin a convo on how to fix my issue. I thought we would talk until we diagnosed it. Not so. I did what they told me to do, and then got back. And each time I discovered something new I sent a follow-up email. So that poor guy is going to have to read like 4 emails from me. whoops!

I’m way too high strung when it comes to my business and a 6k machine to just let it sit there and be cool with it not working. Orders are piling up and since I haven’t gotten a response I can’t really tell my customers exactly what’s going on and when I’ll be up and running again.

So- hoooooow can I get someone to answer me about sending me a black cable ASAP!? I’m way too anxious to just sit around and wait. Please just send it to me and I’ll get out of your hair, GF!:sob:

(FYI- reason why I feel like it’s the cable- lights were not working properly since Saturday (but if I’m honest the lights have been a little wonky since I got it but I thought it was normal.) They would come on, I would load material, and when I closed the lid they would go off. If I kept the machine as is…it would take about 10 minutes for them to ramp up- but the second I touched that lid they were off again.

so support told me to check the light clips which I did. After I checked them, when I touched the back lid cable, the lights flickered like crazy. And then after that is when my machine was stuck in scanning mode and the laser arm wouldn’t move. I assumed a wifi issue so I shut everything down and rebooted- but nothing. Then I found out in the forum that that cable also has to do with being stuck in scanning. SO NOW HERE WE ARE)

can I please have a cable now? :grimacing:

Chuckle. Try to relax, it probably is the cable from what you’ve described. But it will take a few days, and you might not hear from them soon enough to suit you.

I get the anxiety. It’s hard to wait, especially when your business is on the line.

Unfortunately, there is a good chance they’ll want you to send your GF in for repair. I’d suggest, just in case, that you start looking for a backup option. Do you have a makerspace nearby? Maybe another GF owner who would rent you time?

aahhhh I hope they don’t have me send it in. Bad news bears. I don’t know of any of those options near me, but I can certainly check out those options.

Yeah, I know. I’m cool with waiting a few days—I just want them to tell me it will be a few days. Waiting for a response is what is giving me a lot of anxiety.

They are sending a new cable! Must have been the 6 emails and forum post.

And people say anxiety is useless…pfft.

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Hooray!!! Great news!

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I’m sorry you’ve run into this problem! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.