Hey @Dan <HUGS>



Hey Buddy (hoping i can call you buddy)

There has been so much negative with the last post/email. I work in IT, and I first hand know you never hear enough about the positive. So, reviewing the posts, I feel compelled to throw out a positive.

I have to wait a bit longer for my forge (okay okay, its my wife’s but marriage means contract and thus its mine too! Muhahahhah), I am okay with waiting. To you and your team, my wife and I would like to send you guys < Hugs > < Lots and lots of hugs >. What you are doing is NOT easy.

If you find yourself up north in Lynnwood, would love to buy you a beer and spend an hour NOT talking about work. :slight_smile: Not that you’ll take the offer, but that’s the level of happy I am with your team, your communication, and the prospects of what we will be able to do, very soon.

Keep up the hard, good, exhausting, and certainly ‘not appreciated enough’ work. Your almost there!


^ This guy gets it!


Yup, true story :wink:


I like both your spirit and classy style


Nice. Good karma this guys way…


Bravo! Thank you for this incredible post to them. It was a pleasure to read it.


Good sentiment. This is what the team needs to keep up the energy and focus on success.


Dan… is that you?


You had me until “…Your…”. TRIGGERED!




This is the post I needed to see today!


A lot of us appreciate the work that @dan and the entire team at Glowforge are doing. We don’t say it enough.

Thanks @jiffjiff. That was a nice reminder. :wink:


Yes, you’re almost there…




Thanks a million, @jiffjiff! We shared this with the whole company, who’s pulling together to make this happen for everyone. I really appreciate it.


Their they’re, its OK.


Nicely said jiffjiff. I think it’s important to lift folks up rather than tear them down. You got this team GF, hang in there!

(Attn. GF Review Dpt: please make the check payable to A. Kittski. Thank you.) :money_mouth_face: