Hey I just heard a fan I've never heard before

So I just ran a small <1min job, and the main exhaust fans ran as usual. After the head returned to the home position and the fans stopped, I opened the lid, and then heard a much smaller sounding, higher pitched fan run for about 5 seconds. I’ve never heard that before. What was it? Thanks!

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Firmware update was pushed yesterday. It’s the new normal. It’s the fan in the head purging.


Cool, thanks!


Yes would be nice if GF informed their customers when they make changes in behaviour instead of us relying on @scott.wiederhold to notify us when the firmware changes and put two and two together.

It might even relieve some of the burden on the support team who seem to be rushed off their feet.


I was wondering about that sound too, I started hearing it yesterday as well.

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Yes. I panicked the first time I heard it. Then after the next two times I assumed it was a new feature.


I’m sorry for my delayed reply.

Thanks for letting me know about this. I’m checking on it, and I’ll be in touch when I have more information.

It is the air assist fan. It is blowing forward from behind the head. I suppose it could be both the air assist and the head fan, but the air assist fan moves much more air than the tiny head fan, and I can only sense air moving forward from behind the head.
If it is an intended action, it would be interesting to know it’s function.

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Thank you for your patience.

Our team is investigating now. In the meantime, the behavior you’re describing is harmless and doesn’t impact the operation of your Glowforge.