Hey you!


You! yeah you, the one who’s been have so much fun making really sweet stuff on your new laser cutter. remember how it said you need to clean certain parts of the machine every now and then? I didn’t think so, that filthy machine needs some love, and your the right human for the job.


Good reminder for us all!


Thanks for the reminder!


Just what I was looking for!! Engraving draft board is a mess! Thank you!


Done, and done :grinning:


Did my first “real” clean last night after three of the eight ornate ornaments lost some of their detail. Scary as heck pulling out the lens - but the step by step instructions with photos was AWESOME! I am sure this process will become old hat.
After I was done I fired up Kilaueaforge and all my problems had gone away.


:slight_smile: Nice reminder. And it’s easy. Don’t skimp - you can permanently damage the optics if you use them dirty!


I have found that more periodic cleaning is necessary when using PG plywoods due to the increased “soot” created by the MDF core.
Its easy to keep this machine clean - and I find it a Zen like experience now.

BTW does anyone else talk in soothing voice to their GF when cleaning/working with it - or is just my anthropomorphic insanity at play? :wink:


Oh, I totally talk to Lux when I clean him. I tell him how good he’s been and all the exciting stuff we’re going to make.


Hmm, I have no problem talking to inanimate objects, and to animals that are too haughty to talk back to me (so far all of them), but I never recall talking to Zaphod.


Well, when you name your machine Zaphod, do you really want a conversation? :crazy_face:


Just drinks